About Us

Sapphire Pharmaceuticals is the licensed Pharmaceutical company started in 2014. We symbolize our dedication to quality, our sincerity towards our work and our passion to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. At sapphire bringing the best medicine to life is more than a promise. In short time we received success because we provide high quality, ethical medicines to the people. Our profit margin is less and our products are cost effective.

We are leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medicines in india , servicing to hospital , pharmacy and homecare channels, as well as specialized logistics provider in india.
Sapphire Pharmaceuticals is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in the India when measured by the number prescriptions. We're constantly developing new products that patients need. A whole range of people work together to bring a new product to market. We’ve been marketing pharmaceuticals since long time. So, we understand the market, the products, what customers want and what patients need.

Patients all across the india rely on Sapphire for their medicines. We take that responsibility very seriously. From packaging to distribution, all through our supply chain, we're focused on making our medicines accessible to patients. Sapphire Pharmaceuticals in the india has several years of experience and service to india's healthcare sector. We have an established heritage in Pharmaceutical and we are experienced in branded medicines across many therapy areas.

Our Policy

Clean And Satisfactory Business

What we do

We provide classic marketing support for commercial teams in the pharmaceutical industry, with an embracing approach for enabling an organisational development that will deliver.

Our path to success

we believe and follow all the current marketing strategy. We belive in producing assured quality formulations having uniformity and consistency in texture and stability.

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